Guaranteed Maintenance Programs





With our Guaranteed Maintenance Programs, you have nothing to lose.   We will deliver directly to the location
of your choice followed by a thorough installation and placement of the plants for what will best compliment the
new atmosphere.  From there they will be maintained and cared for on a weekly basis by one of our trained
technicians, whom will be responsible for ensuring that the overall health and appearance of your plant-life
remains in superb condition and always of quality.  Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that plants coming
from Oasis Plant Rentals are completely guaranteed, meaning should they not adapt well to their new home, we
will quickly replace them free of charge with one that is better suited.

             ●  No extra work for you                ●  Professional, reliable service                Environmental  wellness


                                                              It's a perfect Oasis!

 No Contracts!







Businesses & Residences









We are proudly servicing our Maintenance Program across
a wide array of customers throughout the Greater Phoenix
Area, including

Provider Offices                Resort  Hotels
Restaurants                      Attorney Firms
Shopping Plazas                Call Centers
Optical Shops                    Office Complexes
And  more !















Promoting Wellness Benefits








Studies show that live plants in the workplace promote a better atmosphere with increases found in overall employee morale.  Scientists have also concluded that live plants eliminate many unforeseen contaminants residing in the air we breathe every day plus, increasing human ability toward  reducing physical discomfort.  

The below resources tell of the many benefits resulting from adding plants to the workplace.  You'll find that the list goes on and on, now imagine the possible impact if your entire structure had plantscaping all throughout!

                                               Appealing to the eye.  Good for business.  Healthy for all.

                                                            You need plants!





Our professional maintenance technicians will
ensure your plants maintain lasting beauty!






Indoor plants help to reduce dust and increase relative humidity

Plants help people relax while increasing productivity

Plant life aids in reducing physical discomfort






               Professional Indoor Plant Care