1. A fertile or green area in an arid region
2. Something that provides refuge, relief,
or pleasant contrast










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Oasis Plant Rentals provides interior plantscape design for
all events and foliage needs.  We have a huge inventory of
tropical plants available for rentals, maintenance or to
purchase.  Along with luscious greenery we also have the
necessary accessories and blooming flowers to re-create any









Who we are









We are proudly staffed with professionals whom have 20 years experience in the field as
well as newer, fresh to the industry experts who bring new ideas and innovative
concepts to the table.  It is this combination of built expertise and fruitful inspiration
that allows us to provide exemplary service in an industry leading fashion.







Whether you know exactly what environment or plant life will capture your look,
or if you'd prefer working along side with one of our designers,
Oasis Plant Rentals can accommodate your foliage needs.




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Planning an upcoming event or convention?
Feel your business or surroundings could use a little greenery?

Find out what we can do for you and let us
Create your Oasis!


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